Claire provides excellent treatment. My knees are bone on bone and were very painful. After several treatments my knees are so much better! I had been taking ibuprofen every day for years. I am now off of it! I also had a condition called damp. Every rainy day I had pain in every joint. My body would predict the rain a few days ahead of time. This went on for years! This is gone! I have more energy,  I feel so much better!  I'm a believer!  :) Laura S. Kenosha.


I was skeptical when I came to Claire but desperate to find anything to help with my insomnia. She sat with me and discussed in depth what my issues were and came up with a treatment plan and I have to say I noticed a bit of a difference after just the first treatment. It took about 6 treatments to see a real difference but I now sleep much much better than I have in months. Megan S. Kenosha.


I was amazed what acupuncture did for me. I had some discomfort in my neck and right arm. After one treatment I felt the difference. I have been going for treatments about every week and a half and my neck and arm feel better after each treatment. Claire is very knowledgeable and enjoyable to talk to. I would highly recommend her acupuncture treatments. Jeffrey M. Kenosha.


I decided to give acupuncture a try for my anxiety. Claire was amazing not only did she help me with my anxiety, she also helped me with some on and off knee issues I have had for years, and sleep issues. Claire even treated my sinuses when I had an infection!! If you are looking for an alternative treatment to medication try acupuncture with Claire!! I am a TRUE BELIEVER! Terri D, Racine.